We say a thousand thanks to the teams from Südtiroler Sonntagsblatt, Missio Bozen-Brixen and Caritas Bozen for the great Advent calendar campaign 2021. In March 2022, five children with heart disease received the heart surgery they needed.

Charissa, Louisa, Flourish, Lole, Danielle and their families can now look to the future with hope.

Many thanks to the numerous donors. Your donations have made a great difference!

The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and the team around Dr. Charles Mvondo were so happy about the advent calendar campaign and they also send a heartfelt thank you!

The final stories can be read in the archive at a later date.

Project visit

In January 2022  Andrea Maria Zeller visited again the Cardiac Centre Outreach in Yaoundè. She reports: I was able to spend 10 days with the patients and the excellent team, which is always very exciting. It was a special pleasure to personally meet four of the patients supported by the mi-do donation community. In long conversations at the hospital bed, I learned a lot about the lives of our protégés. Once again, I was able to see how important it is to support this project.

I met a dear friend again. This time, Dr. Ellen Dailor from the USA joined the team as an anesthesiologist. We lived in the same place and spent a pleasant time.

We also had an interesting project meeting with the management of the Cardiac Centre. Some of the sisters came especially for this. The partnership has been deepened. Overall, the visit was successful.

We wish you a peaceful Advent and Merry Christmas!


In 2021 a lot of good has happened in the outstation of the Cardiac Center. The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis want to enable at least 50 people a year to undergo life-saving heart surgery. It is still operated in so-called "surgical missions". The surgical and nursing team arrives at a pre-planned time. This is not always easy to organize and it is not uncommon for delays to occur. There is still no specialist in anesthesia for heart operations within Cameroon. Contacts have been made abroad and anesthetists from Sweden, Senegal, France, Germany and the USA alternately come to the rescue.

Four times a year the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis report through COMMUNICARE about their activities in the health sector. You can read the report from summer 2021 by clicking on the picture to the left.

The mi-do donation community was able to support eight patients by summer 2021. We want to make the life-saving operation possible within this year for another four. Franciscan Mission Outreach from the USA will cover half of the necessary costs!

We have big plans for January 2022 - in a joint effort by mi-do, Missio Bozen / Brixen and Franciscan Mission Oureach, we want to support all patients of the January 2022 mission!



Thank you Region SouthTyrol/Trentino!

Etica Mundi mi-do applied at Region South Tyrol / Trentino for support for the Cardiac Center Shisong-Outreach Yaounde. Equipment and consumables worth € 70,000.00 could be purchased in 2020/2021. This made a valuable contribution to quality assurance and patient support. Click on the picture to open a photo book.


The beds are occupied again!

In October 2020, work has resumed at the Cardiac Centre Yaoundé. Due to Corona and organizational problems, no activity has been possible since February 2020. Now, however, Dr. Charles Mvondo and his team receive professional support from anesthesiologists from Senegal and Sweden.

We want to support at least three patients from this mission and we would be happy if you would help us!

Empty beds!

Everything went so well in 2019! Between May 2019 and February 2020, 36 patients were operated on in the Cardiac Center Outreach in Yaoundé. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the heart center in Yaounde had to take a break. This is extremely sad because the waiting list is getting longer and longer. Surgical interventions could have taken place again in July 2020, but unfortunately the team is no longer complete. Some employees resigned. The unpaid vacation was just too long and they must have taken on another job. Due to the Covid 19 situation, guest doctors cannot enter Cameroon. That is why there is a feverish search within Africa for a replacement. As soon as an anesthetist is found, work can be resumed.

Your mi-do team, in September 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2020!

15 heart operations could be realized through the mi-do community in 2019. 36 . Since end of May 2019 36 interventions have been performed in the Cardiac Centre Outreach Department in Yaoundè. Given the difficult situation, this is a great achievement. During a project visit in December 2019, I was able to look over the shoulders of the doctors and the team. I am impressed with how the whole team saves lives day and night.

It was a special pleasure to have met some of patients supported by mi-do. With the following pictures I would like to share this joy with you. Sincerely, Andrea Maria Zeller (mi-do project scoordinator)

We want to share with you some smiles from the Rescue Mission Yaoundé!

The thir Rescue Mission in the Cardiac Centre Outreach Yaoundé has been finished on October 11, 2019.

You - the donators, Dr. Charles Mvondo and his excellent TSSF Cardiac Centre Rescue Team as well as Dr. Matthias Angrés (RobinAid) have put smiles on so many faces. Thank you so much!

The next mission is planned for the middle of November. any contribution as little as it may be is highly welcome! To do so, please have a look to the Children's page.

Cardiac Centre Outreach: 2. Rescue Mission successful - 3. Rescue Mission started!

We are very pleased that the second rescue mission at the Cardiac Center Outreach in Yaoundé has been successfully completed and the third Rescue Mission has started on September 28, 2019. The mission is dedicated primarily to children. If you want to support the good cause we are happy for the children Keziah, Angela and Rosette.

Second Rescue Mission started successfully!

After some important adjustments have been made in the Cardiac Centre Outreach Yaoundé, the second Rescue Mission has stated successfully. Since July 16, 2019, the entire team is back in full operation. During this mission, 8 patients have been operated - 4 adults and 4 children. The youngest child is 5 month old and the oldest 16 years. mi-do will be able to support three patients.

Angela, the smallest one, will be supported by "Running with Heart". We thank the ladies of KVW Durnholz and look forward to the run on September 21, 2019 at 2pm at lake Durnholz!

Cardiac Centre Outreach

An outstation of the heart center has been set up!

Due to the ongoing socio-political crisis in Cameroon since autumn 2016, work at the Cardiac Center Shisong is significantly impaired. In the English-speaking part of Cameroon, there are always violent conflicts, many streets are impassable and the patients can not come safely to the Heart Center in Shisong. Likewise, no guest doctors can visit the heart center. Since October 2018, operations have stopped at the Cardiac Center.

For this reason, an outstation of the heart center was established in a safe place in the capital Yaoundé. This was made possible by the involvement of several organizations. On May 21, 2019, the first operation took place! In total, 8 surgeries were successfully completed within two weeks. Three patients were supported by mi-do.  

Dr. med. Matthias Angrés from the RobinAid Foundation together with the Cardiac Centre Team are responsible for the set up of the CC Outreach Department. The entire Cardiac Center Rescue team is doing a great job! Please continue to support this mission - thank you!

Sad news! 

Prisca Leandra would have been admitted for heart-surgery by mid June at Policlinico San Donato, Milan. On the evening of May 31, 2019, we received the sad news that Prisca-Leandra passed on. Although we often do not personally know the small patients who are supported by mi-do, they always belong to the mi-do family and grow dear to our hearts. We express our sincere condolences to the family! R.I.P.

We are thus reminded again how extremely necessary it is to have a well-functioning heart center on site. Etica Mundi mi-do will use all the means available to support the Tertiary Sisters and collaborators in their mission in Cameroon.

Visit in San Donato Milanese

At the end of April we were able to visit the children supported by mi-do and Cuore Fratello in Milan San Donato. We spent a wonderful day with the children and the sisters. Patricia and her friend Vianney were already discharged from the clinic. It is amazing how fast the children recover after the operation. They are full of energy and they already understand Italian!

We are confident that the other two children will soon be able to leave the hospital. The second group of three children and one adolescent is expected in early June. 

We wish you a good journey!

March 30, 2019: The first group of 4 children is on their way to Milan. Patricia (pictured right) is supported by the mi-do community. Cuore Fratello supports the other three children. In addition, Cuore Fratello provides an apartment in which the children can live together with two Tertiary Sisters before and after the hospital stay.



Evacuation of children

to Milan into the clinic San Donato

Due to the socio-political crisis in Cameroon since autumn 2016, work at the Cardiac Center Shisong is significantly impaired. The violence in the SouthWest and NorthWest has been escalating, many streets are impassable and patients can not come safely to the heart center. Likewise, no guest doctors can visit the heart center. Since October 2018, operations had to be canceled.

For this reason, a very special rescue mission has been launched - the children are to be brought to the "partner clinic" San Donato in Milan, Italy. For the moment we plan to bring two groups of four children. This is made possible by the involvement of several organizations. With the help of the MI-DO donation community, we want to support this rescue mission, with an amount we would also provide for heart operation in Cameroon.

March 2019


Wir wünschen frohe und friedvolle Weihnachten!


We wish you a peaceful Merry Christmas!


Vi auguriamo un Natale allegro e sereno!



We say thank you!

For the third time now "Running with Heart" took place and it was a great success! For each round whether runned, gone, cycled, imagined .... , € 10,00 were given.

745 rounds have been sponsored and Judith and Afangyu were the beneficiaries.

We would like to thank all participants, especially the members of KVW Durnholz, for their enthusiastic, perfect and heartfelt organization.

Berì wò!    Herzlichen Dank!   Grazie di cuore!   Heartfelt thanks!

Charity Run 2018

Best of 2017

Many thanks to all "runners with heart"!

With great enthusiasm, many people followed the invitation to run for a good cause around Lake Durnholz. For each round a point was collected and € 10,00 each went into the basket. 518 points could be reached by running, walking, cycling or simply donating. The donations will be allocated in equal shares to a young boy in Durnholz and to the mi-do patients Fatimatou and King.

Rounding up and matching donation!

An enthusiastic participant rounded up to 600 points - a sum that can be easily divided by three. And here comes the best! In the near future, the entire sum will be doubled by another benefactresse!

The KVW Durnholz and mi-do thank all the runners, the sponsors and donors as well as all those who contributed in various ways to the success of the charity run.

Heartfelt thanks!                           Berì wò!

600 times "with heart" around the lake!

Charity Run

We say thank you!

We sincerely thank all who have contributed to the success of the Easter Market in Durnholz! It was thanks to the many diligent hands of volunteers, craftsmen, members of KVW Durnholz and the Jungschar that a proud sum of € 2.535,00 + € 445,81 (Jungschar Durnholz) could be collected. 100% of the proceeds go to the heart patients of Shisong/Cameroon.

Branson, Huguette and Martin are particularly pleased with this!

Easter Market in Durnholz

Winners only!

Many thanks to all who contributed to the charity event on 17 February 2017 in the Carambolage in Bozen - visitors, actors, artists, sponsors, service, technicians...It was a success in all aspects, the highest art -enjoyment and a winning evening for everybody.

Les Diptiks have won the audience's hearts with their "Hang Up" program. Almost every third guest won a work of art. The "main gain" received Bouba and Claris. Thanks to the donations collected, the two of them could receive the urgently needed cardiac surgery.

Thank you very much!    Bericht wò!

It was wonderful!

Charity Evening

Clown Duo "Les Diptik" - Program "Hang Up"

Etica Mundi invites you to come to an enjoyable charity evening in favor of mi-do patients.

Friday, February 17/2017 at 8.30 pm (opening 7.30 pm)

Carambolage, Bozen, Silbergasse 19

Participation: Donation of € 100,00 

Win a work of art from well known South Tyrollean artists! 

Drinks and snacks will be served.

Registration:    +39 334 9674020

If we have full house two operations can be sponsored! 

Etica Mundi MI-DO: IT 19 Q 08081 11600 000300000205   "Carambolage"

We look forward to welcome you!

Works of art to win

Best of 2016

Lake Durnholz Charity Run 

We say thank you to all runners and sponsors who came on the 10th of September 2016 to the benefit run around the Lake Durnholz. It was a real success! Big and small, old and young participated and ran or walked around the lake. For every circuit 10 euros went to the basket. 

330 rounds were sponsored!

Particularly we thank all the members of KVW Durnholz for the initiative and the members of the fire brigade for their vigorous help!

Best of Charity Run around Lake Durnholz

Successfully Operated!

In July 2016 Br. Boniface informed us that Hamadou, Banan and Fabrice received their surgical intervention and it was a success! Later you will find all the stories and thank-you-letters in the archive

Forget-Me-Not!   Cameroon-Afternoon

The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and Etica Mundi are happy to invite you to a Cameroon-Afternoon with slide show, reception and flea market

to the benefit of MI-DO patients.

Saturday, April 30th 2016, 3 pm, Convent of the Tertiary Sisters, Runggadgasse 22, Brixen

We are looking forward to welcome you with your family and friends!

Gotthard Bonell donates piece of art!

"Reflection in the Lake of Schnals"   51 x 70 cm, oil on paper glued on wood.

Gotthard Bonell is donating this piece of art to Etica Mundi for the benefit of Cameroonian children and young adults who are suffering from a heart condition.

The painting may be allocated for a  donation of  € 3.000,00 (or more).

Sold! Warmhearted thanks to Georg W.!

Impressions 2015

Thank you for coming!

Charity Dinner

October 2nd 2015 at 07 pm  Castel Presule, Fiè allo Sciliar

Enjoy an exquisite dinner, win a high quality graphic art, participate at an auction and help at the same time children and young adults who suffer from a heart condition to receive the necessary surgicalk intervention!

Participation: donation of € 100,00  Registration: 8.30 bis 12.30 +39 0471 971870  or

IBAN: IT 19 Q 08081 11600 0003 0000 0205 SWIFT-BIC:RZSBIT21003  Etica Mundi MI-DO, purpose: Presule

We look forward to welcome you!   Robert Bosisio, Gotthard Bonell, Lois Anvidalfarei.   Andrea and Claudia -  Etica Mundi!




Christmas gift of free heart surgery!

When we visited the Cardiac Centre in October 2014 we met by providence Fr. Herald Brock, CFR from the United States who accompanied US cardiac anesthesiologist Dr. Ellen Dailor. Fr. Herald went to see how Franciscan Mission Outreach might help provide life-saving heart surgery to Cameroonians in need. Fr. Herald made it possible that the 

Friends of Franciscan Mission Outreach will match mi-do donations!                        

Please help us with your donation to give seven Cameroonians in need the Christmas gift of free heart surgery.       Get involved now!   

No Ebola in Cameroon!

In the fall of 2014, we learned that all pediatric surgery teams from Italy, Belgium and Mozambique would cease to come to the Cardiac Centre Shisong because of the Ebola outbreak, despite the fact that Cameroon has never been affected by Ebola! This means that all missions planned between November and the end of 2014 will not take place and that more than 30 children, among them 17 social cases, will not be operated as planned!

This touches also mi-do children - Doris, Richcard, and Maffo.

The agreements between the Heart Foundation of the Cardiac Centre and mi-do prescribe that, after a certain period of latency, the allocated financial resources have to be transferred to another patient who can be treated by local surgeons. For example, Stanley, whom we personally met during our visit in October 2014, was able to have the procedure he urgently needed. We hope that the pediatric surgery teams will soon resume their visits and to be able to plan the operations for Richcard, Doris and Maffo. The Heart Foundation will take care of financial matters.

But, of course, we continue to raise funds for young and adult patients!

Charity Concert

Who         Vokalensemble Harmonisch Komisch

When       25th  october  2014 at 8 pm

Where      Kultursaal Frangart (Eppan)

Beriwo Feyi!       Thank You!



We reached 100% of our objective!

We are very happy to report that our campaigne was a complete success! In the middle of May 2014, we were able to collect all the sums required to treat the first MI-DO group of patients. Although our initial group was comprised of seven patients, eight children have finally been able to benefit from the donations and to get the heart operations needed. For some of them, we even have received the final reports, which can be consulted in the archive. We have also received a number of thank-you letters from parents and from the Shisong Kumbo Heart Foundation. Dr. Charles Mvondo and his team have been assisted by European collegues on "Surgical Missions", also for the operations in MI-DO patients.

We are also happy to introduce a new group of three children and four adults. We are confident that our community of donators will continue to grow and that this will enable many people to have access to the lifesaving operations they need.

Impressions of our team Meeting Cameroon





On the road


Good News!

We welcome our very first MI-DO benefactor MRS. Annegret S. from South Tyrol, Italy!

MI-DO was not online yet when Mrs. Annegret got to know about the plan to create an online crowd funding platform to support underprivileged patients of the Cardiac Center Shisong. She came to the MI-DO office to get further information, saw the appeal for sponsorship of cardiac surgery of one of the children, was moved by the story of Richcard and immediately she donated a sizeable amount for the urgently necessary surgical intervention.

We express our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Annegret!

Your MI-DO Team

We thank all MI-DO supporters!