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Your donation is used only for the person you donated to. After the treatment we send you an update per Email. Further information you will find in the list below.

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 If you want to give your donation to the whole group of patients listed below, please use the donation-button on the right side. Your donation will be subdivided equally among all patients listed. 

Even if 100% of the requested amount has been raised, you may use the donation-button on the right side. The funds will be contributed to the next group of patients to be listed.

Every donation as little as it may be counts! 

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€ 10.064,00 / € 20.610,00

Treasure, 3 years

€ 0,00 / € 4.580,00

Fortunately, Treasure can be treated at the Cardiac Center Outreach. Treasure has a congenital heart defect that can ...

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Nafobe, 8 years

€ 0,00 / € 5.801,00

Nafobe, like all boys of his age, would like to play football with his comrades, help the parents on the field, attend ...

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Falifat, 2 years

€ 4.932,00 / € 5.038,00

Falilat is the youngest of three children and also the problem child of the family. A congenital heart defect and an ...

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Michel, 2,5 years

€ 5.132,00 / € 5.191,00

Here it is, the story of our little Prince Michel. Michel was medically examined for fever and upper respiratory tract ...

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