• EM dose fundraising through the MI-DO website for vulnerable patients who are in need of a cardiac surgery and who will be treated in the Cardiac Center Shisong.

  • SCC-HF Team decides who will enter the MI-DO program based on the following:
    Urgency of the operation for the patient
    Expertise of the surgeon
    Inability to pay the surgery fee

  • SCC-HF Team sends the application for support including a short history of the family background and the calculation of the costs to EM. 

  • EM publishes the application on the MI-DO website.

    As soon as 100% are funded EM will send 50% of the requested support to the mission account of the TERTIARY SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS (TSSF) in Brixen, Italy.

    At the same time the TSSF in Brixen and the SCC-HF Team in Shisong will be informed by EM about the money transfer and will be given detailed information for which persons the support is to be used.

  • SCC-HF After the operation respectively when the patient will be discharged from the hospital the SCC-HF Team sends the final and detailed invoice to the EM Team.
    EM will transfer the balance to the mission account in Brixen but never more than the amount calculated before.  Again the details of the transfer will be sent to Brixen, and Shisong.

    In case the balance is below the requested support, the rest of the money remains in the MI-DO account and will be contributed to the next group of persons to be sponsored. In the list of sponsors this will show up as MI-DO savings.
    In case 100% funding was done and 50% were transferred but the patient does not need the support any more or just part of the support because of any reason (other fundraising, did not come, death….), the SCC-HF Team will send the final invoice to EM.
    EM will add the remaining amount to MI-DO savings, which will be used for the next group of patients in need.
    SCC-HF Team will add the remaining amount to the Archbishop Paul Verdzekov Memorial Heart Foundation (APAVMEHEF). The savings should be used for one or more patients and who will be listed on the MI-DO website. In the application this should show up e.g. as APAVMEHEF-MI-DO savings.

  • EM – SCC-HF Transparency: an independent external auditor audits the accounts on a yearly basis. 


Andrea Maria Zeller Br. Boniface Diezoumbe, FSI

 ETICA MUNDI MI-DO           SCC-HF Administrator

 Project coordinator

We thank all MI-DO supporters!