Cardiac Surgery:  € 4.800,00

Pre- and post-treatment:  € 3.600,00

TOTAL:  € 8.400,00



Average annual income:  € 780,00

Patients own contribution  € 76,00 to € 5.343,00



60% of the patients depend on external assistance fully or partially



91 adults and 70 children are on the waiting list for surgical interventions (April 2013.) 

After the screening tours in the rural villages this number increases by 15 to 20 every month.

Estimated number of children in Central-West-Africa with congenital or acquired heart diseases: 35 000!



250 to300 cardiac surgical interventions per year would be feasible in the Cardiac Center Shisong.

Due to shortage of financial resources only 100 interventions per year are actually possible.




Cardiac Center Shisong 2013

History of MIDO

In summer 2012 two members of the Italian based nonprofit organization Etica Mundi, Claudia von Lutterotti and Andrea Maria Zeller, visited the mission of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Cameroon. Whilst working on their sponsorship project for orphans and care takers they passed by every day at the Cardiac Center. Talking to the Cardiac Center staff they soon learned that surgical interventions or simple medical treatment was not possible for the underprivileged people due to financial obstacles. 

The Etica Mundi members thought, if many people of good will would just give each a small amount of money, such treatment and surgical interventions could be accessible for the people most in need and change their lives.

The MIDO crowd funding platform was born! MIDO intends to raise funds for patients utilizing the resources of the World Wide Web which allows for infinite outreach. Micro donations result in large sums of money if many individuals contribute.

MIDO founders gave themselves strict rules:

100% of the donations given are spent to the benefit of the patients without any money being lost along the way on bank fees or administration fees.

MIDO’s primary focus is on supporting the poorest, mainly underprivileged children and jung adults. The Cardiac Center Team carefully selects the patients who enter the MIDO program according to medical criteria and financial needs.

1:1 donations: the donor knows who benefits from his donation and furthermore the donor will receive a feedback about the results of the treatment.

Transparency:  The accounts are audited on a yearly basis by an independent external auditor. All donations are paid through Etica Mundi which is a registered nonprofit organization based in Italy. Etica Mundi forwards the donations directly to the mission account of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis.

We thank all MI-DO supporters!