About us

MI-DO means „micro donation“. It is a crowd funding platform to collect money for children and young adults suffering from a heart condition in Central-West-Africa. 100 % of the donations are used for medical service and surgical interventions for persons in need.

MI-DO is a project of the non-profit organization Etica Mundi in collaboration with the Cardiac Center Shisong (link) in the Cameroonian Mission of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF). Both, the TSSF and Etica Mundi are Italian based. The Cardiac Center is located in the North-West of Cameroon.

ETICA MUNDI ODV is a non-profit organization based in Meran, Italy. Since 2002 Etica Mundi carries out projects in different countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chad, Ecuador, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda, Cameroon and others. The main emphasis of Etica Mundi is to reduce poverty and to create peace, supporting vulnerable persons in the southern world through programs for education, healthcare and environmental protection. The crowd funding platform MI-DO was created by Etica Mundi in collaboration with the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis to support underprivileged patients of the Cardiac Center Shisong, Cameroon.

The CARDIAC CENTER SHISONG, located in the North West of Cameroon, was inaugurated in November 2009 after an eight years construction time. The Cardiac Center, owned and run by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, is the only center of its kind in the whole Central- West-African Region. The Cardiac Center is equipped with ultramodern facilities and was declared a national reference center for cardiac treatment. There are different wards for female, male, a pediatric/postoperative ward and a neo-natology ward – all together 40 beds - as well as an intensive care unite with 12 beds and an out-patients department. Many services are offered such as out-patients’ service, open heart surgery, catheterization, pace maker implantation and outreach cardiac screening. The vision is to offer affordable and high quality cardiovascular treatment to all, especially to underprivileged persons, not only in Cameroon but also in Continental Sub-Regions where such services are rare. www.shisonghospital.org

The TERTIARY SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS (TSSF) are a Catholic Order of Pontifical Right. The TSSF have their origin in Brixen, Italy were they still have their motherhouse. In 1935 five Tertiary Sisters were sent to Shisong, North-West-Cameroon. They started their mission with education, especially for girls, and an obstetric clinic. Over the years the Sisters built up a General Hospital, today counting 340 beds, an orphanage, several schools, a school of health science for state registered nursing, midwifery, laboratory technicians and nurse assistants. The Cardiac Center, owned and run by the TSSF, was inaugurated in November 2009 and is affiliated with the St. Elisabeth’s General Hospital Shisong.  Until today the TSSF founded 35 Missions in Cameroon. Local Sisters are admitted since 1961.  To date the TSSF’s Province of Cameroon counts 238 Sisters whose main activities are pastoral work, education, and nursing. 

We thank all MI-DO supporters!