How You Can Help?




Make a Donation: 

  • Donate to a group of patients: Your donation will be subdivided equally among all patients listed. Updates regarding the whole group will be forwarded to you by Email.

  • Donate to a single person: Your donation is used only for the person you donated to. After the treatment we send you an update per Email.

  • Donate to MI-DO: 100% of the donations given are spent to the benefit of the patients without any money being lost along the way on bank fees or administration fees. MI-DO works only through volunteers who work hard to ensure that every donation is used efficiently. Hence, to keep this site running we rely on small optional donations from the   MI-DO donor community. Please allow us to suggest a small percentage as a donation for MI-DO. Feel free to change or cancel.  

Voluntary Service: 

  • For MI-DO: We need your help for administration especially for translations like English-German-Italian. Please contact us:

  • For the Cardiac Center: Specialists like Cardiologists, Anesthetists and Nurses are welcome to volunteer at the Cardiac Center. Please contact us: General Manager: Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac,  Administration: Sr. Appolonia Budzee,


Spread the Word! 

  • Talk about MI-DO and the Cardiac Center
  • Forward our link
  • Share MI-DO using your social networks   facebook, twitter etc.



We thank all MI-DO supporters!