Cyril, 29 years, father of 1

NameKiako Cyril (m)
Date of birth29 years
Marital statusmarried
Children1 child
Diagnosis3 valves defective
SurgeonDr. Charles Mvondo
KardiologeDr. Cabral Tantchou
Surgical Intervention + treatment€ 5.801,00
Support requested
€ 5.801,00

Cyril has a serious problem – three heart valves are malfunctioning and surgery is unavoidable. The operation can be performed in the Cardiac Centre Outreach in Yaounde.

Cyril is married and has one child. Cyril is unable to work due to heart disease. His wife is fully occupied with the care of their child and the care of Cyril. The small family is supported by the extended family as much as possible.

We kindly ask the mi-do donation community to contribute so that Cyril can receive the necessary surgery.

Date of request: June 25, 2022

Donation barometer

€ 4.666,25 / € 5.801,00

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