Charissa, 5 years

NameCharissa Berinyuy (f)
Date of birth21. December 2016
Mother  Teacher
AddressBamenda / Cameroon
CardiologistDr. Cabral Tantchou
SurgeonDr. Charles Mvondo
Surgical intervention€ 5.801,00
Support requested
€ 5.801,00

Charissa is the youngest of the family’s 5 children and she is also the family’s worry child. Charissa suffered from respiratory distress from birth and has not grown. During a cardiological examination, an open ductus botalli (PDA) and heart-valve damage were detected. Surgery is inevitable.

As a teacher and mechanic, the parents can take good care of the family. For the heart surgery of Charissa, however, the parents would have to spend 3 year’s salary each, which of course is not possible. Fortunately, Charissa can still be operated on!

Thanks to the great “Advent Calendar Campaign 2021” it was possible to secure an operation date for Charissa in March 2022!

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