Djeina, 15 years

NameDjeina Mohamadou
Date of birth09/October/2006
CardiologistDr. Cabral Tantchou
SurgeonDr. Charles Mvondo
Surgical Intervention + treatment€ 5.801,00
Family's contribution€ 2.290,00
Support requested
€ 3.511,00

Djeina has put on her most beautiful dress for the photo and also put on some make-up. Nothing can be seen of the pale skin and the discomfort caused by a heart defect. It was actually known from the age of 4 that Djeina had a heart defect, but it was not given much attention. Two years ago, however, Djeina was getting weaker and weaker and coughing frequently. Recently, an examination showed that the heart defect urgently needs to be corrected surgically.

Djeina is in fourth middle school and comes from a polygamous family. She has 22 siblings! The mother is a housewife and the father is a trader. The family can make a relatively large contribution to the costs of the operation. We ask for the remaining amount from the mi-do donation community. Thank you very much in advance for your valued contribution!

Date of appeal: August 20 / 2021

Donation barometer

€ 2.683,67 / € 3.511,00

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