Cardiac Centre Outreach Perine 28 years

NameDjiogue Perine
Date of birth10/12/1991
Siblings14 siblings
AddressBatcham/ West-Cameroon
CardiologistDr. Cabral Tantchou
Surgical intervention € 4.580,00
pre/post surgical treatment€ 1.527,00
Own contribution€   763,00
Support requested           € 5.344,00

Great pleasure!

On May 31, 2019, Perine was successfully operated in the newly equipped outstation of the Cardiac Center. Dr. Charles Mvondo and his team did a wonderful job. The operation went smoothly and Perine recovered quickly.

Perine also received assistance from the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (pictured here). Perine is grateful and she is enjjoying the new life. She and her family expresses joy, happiness and sincere thanks to all who have made it possible to regain hope and good health in the life of Perine.

Thank you so much!

Tailoring is in great demand in Cameroon and Perine could easily make a living with it. Because of her heart disease, however, she has not been able to work for a long time. During a "Mobile Screening Tour" of the Cardiac Center Shisong, Dr. Cabral Tantchou diagnosed Perine with a severe mitral valve failure and pulmonary hypertension. He strongly advised surgical correction. Fortunately, an outstation of the heart center was built in which Perine was successfully operated on May 30, 2019. Perine is unmarried. 

The parents can not pay for the operation. The mother is a simple housewife and the father runs a small farm. He is married to two women with 14 children. Relatives and friends of the family can give a small contribution to the operation fee. For the rest of the sum, we thank the mi-do donation community in advance for their valued support!

Cardiac Centre Outreach Yaounde

Due to the socio-political crisis in Cameroon since autumn 2016, work at the Cardiac Center Shisong is significantly impaired. The violence in the SouthWest and NorthWest has been escalating, many streets are impassable and patients can not come safely to the heart center. Likewise, no guest doctors can visit the heart center. Since October 2018, operations had to be canceled.

How to help?

For this reason, a very special rescue mission has been launched - a Cardiac Centre Outreach department will be established in a safe place - in Yaoundè, the capital of Cameroon. In early summer 2019 the outreach clilic should be operational. 

This is made possible by the involvement of several organizations. With the help of the MI-DO donation community, we want to support this rescue mission. Therefore we start already with fundraising for the costs of surgery.

We hope to be able to report here soon about the patient, who will benefit from this program.

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€ 5.344,00 / € 5.344,00

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TSSF Brixen (adv.) Italy € 412,00
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We thank all MI-DO supporters!